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Beyomol - OGF group

Supplier of natural products

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Our focus remains on building sustained business rapports with our clients, and gaining a level of customer trust that can only be achieved through our ability to practice and maintain a high level of ethics and service.

Whether you are interested in sourcing natural gums, skins or hides we remain ready to be your roots in the horn of Africa.

Your enquiries are welcome.

By post:

23 Avenue G. Clemenceau
Boite Postale: 239
Republique de Djibouti

By DHL courier:

Beyomol Co., OGF Building, Hargeisa Central, Hargeisa, Republic of Somaliland

By telephone:

00 252 2524532 or 00 252 2533040 or 00 253 352355

By facsimile:

00 252 8287526 or 00 253 356190

By e-mail: